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"In a world full of Trends, I want to remain Classic" - IMAN

My goal is for you to still look and feel yourself and not add makeup to match your brows. I create eyebrows that subtly enhance your existing shape, which in turn can improve the symmetry and proportion of your facial features.

Its often the subtle changes that have the biggest of impacts and I want you to leave feeling nothing short of amazing. 


Why Choose  Microblading and PowderBrows


We apply high quality organic pigments into the surface layer of the dermis, meaning the colour will fade evenly with no colour changes.


The colour is chosen to match your natural hair colour. With Microblading, a series of strokes are made following the direction of your hair. This technique makes it difficult to determine which is the real hair - therefore creating a more natural affect. Alternatively, PowderBrows involves pigment being inserted into the skin using a machine. The pigment is layered in different directions, to create a soft powder makeup effect.

long lasting

Once your treatment is complete, your new brows will last for up to 3 years. With the right technician, treatments for your skin and aftercare, your brows can continue to look beautiful with minor touch-up sessions to refresh pigment colour over time.

The Alternative

 Treatments and knowledge has moved on from tattooed eyebrows. In my mind, Microblading or PowderBrows is the best way to longer lasting brows. 


My name is Saoirse (Ser-sha) and I am the owner of The Brow and Lash Studio. Qualified Phi Brows & PowderBrows Artist, and Botched Ink Semi Permanent Makeup Removal technician.


I spent most of my working career in corporate environments but when I had my son I knew I wanted a change of pace. I have always had a creative side and when I chose to go into the world of semi-permanent make-up, I knew I had finally found my calling. I have the passion and patience to keep practicing, learning, evolving. As a result, my clients will always get the best of me and the best techniques available.


I am lucky enough to work from home, with a purpose built studio in my garden. My clients will benefit from a very quiet, relaxing environment with off road parking and plenty of refreshments.

When I am not creating beautiful brows, I am also a full time mum to my 3 year old son Jack.

I want to enhance your brows and lashes so you can showcase your natural beauty.




  • Consultation

  • Patch Test Posted

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  • Hair stroke effect

  • Aftercare Packs

  • 6-8 week Top-Up

  • Beautiful Brows



  • Soft makeup look

  • Aftercare Packs

  • 6-8 week Top-Up

  • Beautiful Brows

Botched Ink Removal


  • Lift Colour Saturation

  • Improve Shape

  • Emergency Removal

  • Price per session



  • Annual Top-Up

  • Colour Refresh


Whether you are new to semi-permanent treatments and have some questions or concerns or you are looking to change, refresh or update your current brows, do not hesitate to email, call or WhatApps me. I'm always happy to have a chat.

Alternatively, read our FAQs

What My Clients say

I was really nervous at the beginning of my appointment but was soon put at ease. Everything was explained fully to me and I was shown the product before my treatment began. I was made to feel at ease and I felt that I was listened to. The results are amazing and look so natural. I would highly recommend The Brow and Lash studio and I know that I will continue to visit. Definitely a 5 star experience x

—  Julie Reeve